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If you would like to join the Anatolia Hospitality  we offer various options for collaboration & partnerships depending on your needs & wants. Whether you are new to the hotel business and want to acquire a hotel property, or are thinking of rebranding your existing hotel we will assist you every step of the way.

Hotel Franchise

Hotel Franchising is an easy way of expanding & developing a hotel. Franchises offer the hotel owner the flexibility to maintain management & operation of their hotel whilst at the same time gaining the benefits of being affiliated with a major hotel brand striving for success.

Hotel Franchising Fees


A one off fee paid to join the Anatolia Hotels & Villas brand at the beginning of the franchising procedure.


A percentage of total revenues which constitute the main franchising fee.


A percentage of room revenues which are used for marketing purposes at the hotel chain level, taking advantage of larger economies of scale to bring positive effects for the individual hotel.


A percentage of room revenues are used to pay for the use of the Anatolia central reservation systems, the hotel brand website & call center.

Hotel Management

Our hotel management contracts involve our hotel management team acquiring the operation of the hotel & branding the hotel as part of the Anatolia Hospitality. Here the owner has little involvement in day to day operations but maintains a supervising role in annual budgeting & capital expenditure plans.
Hotel Management Fees
Fees consist of:

  • A base fee which is a percentage of total revenues
  • An incentive fee which is a percentage of gross operating profit (GOP)

The fee structure here provides the hotel operator (Anatolia) with an incentive to operate the hotel in the most efficient & profitable way, ensuring that the hotel’s continued good performance is in everyone’s best interests. Drawing on our extensive experience & expertise, our hotel management services offer the hotel owner total peace of mind, whilst enjoying the benefits of an affiliation with a well-known & successful hotel brand.

Management Contract Franchise Self owned / Leased
Ownership Client Client Anatolia / Third Party
Management Anatolia Client Anatolia
Client Involvement Low High
Sales/Marketing/Distribution Anatolia Anatolia/Client Anatolia
Fees % Base and Incentive Fee % Fee on Total and Room Revenues Anatolia / Third Party
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