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Green Responsibility
Green Responsibility
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At Anatolia Hospitality we are fully aware of our ecological responsibility as a company and we have taken a series of measures towards reducing the negative effects of our properties and contribute towards the preservation of our natural environment. Having built relationships of trust & reliability with our guests & providing high quality of service, we have set goals such as reducing energy & water consumption, providing accurate information on such matters & recycling materials, within our properties.

Below are some of the eco-friendly measures that we apply.

  • Informing guests of the option to reuse their towels and / or sheets to conserve water & energy.
  • Use of electronic devices with certified low energy consumption.
  • Electrical appliances that are energy efficient.
  • Autonomous air-conditioning with inverter technology.
  • Use of power card readers in rooms
  • Gradual replacement of low energy consuming lamps with LED technology lighting which offer lower consumption & longer life duration.
  • Light dimmers in most communal lighting
  • Shower heads & taps using a mixture of air for reduction of water consumption.
  • Dual function toilet flush.
  • Recycling of materials such as glass, cooking oil, paper, plastic aluminium & batteries.
  • Reducing paper print-outs at hotel by sending invoices via e-mail, operating electronic filing of documents & “Think before you print” policy.
  • Installment of new double glazed windows for better insulation.
  • Use of solar power panels for heating of water.
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